Mailforce is DKIM ready

What is DKIM?

čas 5th february, 2015
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DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a mechanism to validate association between outward-bound emails and an entity acting as its respective sender (according to the sender's email address), i.e. validating that the subject whose domain sent the email actually allowed its sending.

That is the technical definition of DKIM.
But what does it mean in practice?

Many providers who are sending your newsletters, offers and other bulk emails cannot get past algorithms set by mailbox providers. The emails are simply not delivered and your money goes down the drain., the largest provider of email services in the Czech Republic, has announced the tightening of its anti-spam policy that includes, that includes implementation of the above mentioned protocol.

Mailforce is ready for DKIM

We have already implemented technical elements that exceeed the requirements set by email providers.

With Mailforce system, your customers will receive every email they so eagerly await.


„We appreciate high deliverability - Mailforce emails are of high quality and don't end up in spam!”

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